I wanted to send this email before I forgot. I wanted to make sure that you knew that even with all the challenges of this move, Kerry and his team have been phenomenal in their efforts and dedication to customer satisfaction. I could not be more pleased with the work given the circumstances (which were grim at best). The constant feedback from Kerry, and notification of problems allowed him to get input from us to give us the best outcome, as well as allowed both Empower and Digital Reasoning to work as a team where grey area problems popped up, so that they could be resolved from both sides to make this a much better implementation. His willingness to own the project, and be the one fully accountable for any problems is excellent, and I want to make sure this is mentioned and noticed by his management to ensure his excellent traits and work are known.

I look forward to future projects, and hope Kerry is a part of them. I very much appreciate your team, and their work.

— John Moyer // Director of IT, Digital Reasoning

In almost 25 years, I have never seen that level of appreciation and well-deserved praise.

Your firm has done an exceptional job. The finest electrical subcontractor we have ever worked with. Most impressive is the can-do attitude both you and Chris have exemplified throughout the project.

Take care of that electrical inspection and then go get your trophy. You deserve it.

— John Doherty // VP, Boyle Investment Company

You all have gone way above and beyond the call of duty to make this project a success. I have to admit, and I don’t mind saying it, that I thought that you all were more of a tenant finish oriented company. I was obviously mistaken. I would be proud to have you all on any of my projects in the future. You can ask John and Joe both. Very few people have ever received this type of commendation from me and I don’t give it out lightly. Thanks again for your dedication and effort.

— Reed Dennis